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Our solution to your temporary and permanent HR needs

Whether you represent a start up, small business or an enterprise, the CloudSource HR Team is the right point of contact for all your personnel needs. Through our branch specific HR and IT experts, we bring your staff needs and talented IT personnel together.

HR Services

For when you are looking to hire IT experts for a permanent position. Our HR Services include the initial job assessment, the search for the right candidates, first interviews to make sure only the best suited experts filtered out, background checks, etc. All that’s left for you is to pick your favorite candidate and sign the contract.

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Freelance Contracting

Freelancer? The answer is CloudSource IT. With our vast experience we provide you with the professionals that will help you achieve your goals. Our network of freelancers from all around the globe enable you and the freelance experts to find an efficient placement. The process is fairly easy and follows the same principles as our HR Services when selecting suitable candidates.

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IT Expert Leasing

The leasing of experts represents a special form of flexible personnel deployment. Experts are employed by CloudSource Consultancy Services and work for our customers with a leasing contract. We offer companies flexibility, security and great time and cost savings.

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